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Redesign coming to YouTube TV apps

As part of an ongoing attempt to synchronize services, YouTube announced an overhaul in the user interface (UI) of their line of apps for set top boxes and game consoles on Thursday August 14th through their YouTube Creator Blog. The updated interface for the app has already been released to the Xbox One game system and is slated to be releasing the update to other platforms “in the following weeks.” Continue reading


Dear Melly: Avoiding Spoilers

Do you have questions about social media, video making, video games, etc.? “Dear Melly” is our geeky advice column, so why not send your questions my way? All questions should be sent to or posted on any social media site with #dearmelly.

“How do I avoid spoilers without having to avoid the internet?” – Addy


 Dear Addy,

First off, here’s the thing: You don’t. You can’t – not entirely, anyway. The internet is an exciting place full of excited people. As a whole people tend to jump on new things at the dawn of their existence and they share everything about those things. It’s nearly impossible to avoid every spoiler out there, but I have discovered a few tricks that can minimize the number of spoilers you are subjected to. Here are those tricks, categorized by the website to which they are relevant:

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Super Smash Bros 4

A Challenger Approaches: New SSB4 Characters Unveiled

This past weekend saw the first Super Smash Brothers: Melee Invitational at EVO 2014, and fans of the series were even treated to a special message from Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aimé, but Super Smash Brothers franchise continues to reign in the news today with the reveal of 3 new characters that have been added to the roster of the highly anticipated Super Smash Brothers WiiU/3DS.

The three new characters were revealed in the same fashion as the previous announcements: a video was posted to the Super Smash Bros. YouTube channel and the most recent unveiled series veteran Captain Falcon, as well as Lucina and Robin, the latter two being stars of the highly acclaimed 3DS game, Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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Tinder + Android Wear Banner

Tinder comes to a new platform

Thanks to Google’s Android Wear devices, Tinder users can now swipe, match, and chat to your hearts’ content, without ever having to pull out their smartphone.

On July 11, 2014 Tinder developers announced on their blog that the app is now compatible with Google’s smartwatch platform, stating “We’re proud to announce that Tinder is among the first applications available on Android Wear™. Get alerted of new matches, respond to messages, and get your swipe on while leaving your phone in your pocket. ” They also touted the platform, stating “Android Wearables are a perfect companion to Tinder, allowing you to meet new and interesting people nearby and communicate with your matches, all on the go.”

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Intro 5

YouTube Creator Studio releases for iOS devices

Creator Studio LogoYouTube announced the release of their YouTube Creator Studio app for the iOS platform on their YouTube Creators Google+ Page. The application allows YouTube content creators to manage their channels, including comments and analytics. When announced by YouTube CEO Susan Wojciki during her keynote speech at Vidcon 2014, the app released that day for Android devices. The release for iOS now brings the same features to Apple’s mobile platform.

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Asteroid Averted! ‘Community’ Returns on Yahoo in the Fall.

Fans of the cult comedy Community were in for some great news today, June 30th, when Gillian Jacobs tweeted about the return of the show. Against all odds, Community has been brought back. After weeks of negotiation, Sony Pictures TV has closed a deal with Yahoo. This fall Community will be receiving 13 episodes to air on Yahoo Screen. It came close to the end as the options on the cast were set to expire today. There has been interest from a few outlets in continuing the show after it was cancelled last month. The list of possible suitors also included Esquire, Hulu, and Crackle.

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Twitter Headquarters

Twitter Integrates Gif Support

As of June 18th, Twitter now has official gif support. That means users can put up that gif taken from the the newest viral video for all their followers to see.  This new update will extend support from the website to the iOS and Android apps as well. The process will work similarly to Twitter’s Vine integration, all you have to do is click on it in your timeline to view it within the tweet. No more having to link to another page as it was before. First world problems, #amiright? Continue reading

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Dear Melly: Tips on Making Videos

Do you have questions about social media, video making, video games, etc.? “Dear Melly” is our geeky advice column, so why not send your questions my way? All questions should be sent to or posted on any social media site with #dearmelly.

“I want to make YouTube videos, but I’m not sure where to start. Any tips?” – Richard


Dear Richard,

A lot depends on what kind of videos you would like to make (e.g. vlogs, beauty tutorials, gaming, etc.) However, I think there are a few things that apply to any type of video:


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