Arrow star to appear at WWE SummerSlam "Wade Barrett and Stardust against Neville... and the Green Arrow" according to Triple H

Stephen Amell on WWE Raw
Stephen Amell on WWE Raw

On Monday night Stephen Amell, star of CW’s hit series Arrow, had a brief fight on WWE Raw.

The star, whose series’ fourth season is set to begin in October, made a second appearance on the wrestling program. After a match between Adrian Neville and Wade Barret ended in the former’s victory, the wrestler Stardust entered the ring to assault Neville. Stardust then had a brief stare down with Amell, approaching him and smacking him in the face.

The Canadian actor then surprised the crowd by jumping into the ring and attacking Stardust, before being stopped by security. After the match, Amell was shown backstage with WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H discussing his previous actions. Triple H stated he wanted him escorted out of the arena. Neville and Amell both prompted him to sanction a tag-team match between the two against Barrett and Stardust. Triple H agreed to set the match at this year’s SummerSlam.

The actor also insinuated on his Facebook Page in a reply to a fan that he was working on getting his likeness into the WWE 2K16 video game.

Green Arrow in WWE 2K16?

[/media-credit] Green Arrow in WWE 2K16?

It is unconfirmed if Amell will appear in his Arrow costume during the match. During his first appearance, Stardust claimed that the Arrow was the actor’s true identity. This year’s SummerSlam will be August 23rd.

This week’s appearances on Raw are available below:

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