Rooster Teeth Games branches off on its own New gaming division will support Indie devs

Rooster Teeth, creators of the hit machinima series Red vs. Blue, announced a new game publishing division on January 25, Rooster Teeth Games, an official move of the team from within the company.
Michael Hadwin, the newly promoted Director of Game Development and Publishing for the new branch, announced the launch in a post on the Rooster Teeth website. This new department will focus “on bridging the gap between indie game developers and the worldwide community of gamers,” according to the post.
“Rooster Teeth Games plans to bring a wide array of games to all platforms, and in turn introduce indie developers to our super awesome community,” Hadwin wrote. “We invite all aspiring indie developers around the world to pitch their best games to us!”

Hadwin also announced the first game to be published by the new division, Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars, a twin-stick shooter developed by Invisible Collective. Players can compete in 4-player multiplayer matches against either humans or AI using a variety of weapons to collect the most pizza and destroy their enemies with a plethora of character customizations.
Rooster Teeth is certainly no stranger to the gaming world with their initial claim to fame, Red vs. Bluebeing filmed in multiplayer matches in Halo, and their popular series The Strangerhood filmed in The Sims 2. More recently has the company made a game of their own.
In 2014, Rooster Teeth Games announced RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, a game based off of their hit webseries, RWBY. Following the announcement, the game was released as an Early Access title on Steam via the Greenlight feature in December of 2015 with the full release in July of 2016. As of January 17, 2017, RWBY: GE is now available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.
Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars will be available to play at the Rooster Teeth Games booth at PAX South, between January 27-29, RTX Sydney, between February 4-5, and SXSW, between March 16-18 before the game’s official release on Steam sometime this March.
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