Screenshots surface of rumored Windows Cloud edition OS Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the new version

Windows 10 desktop, Windows Cloud article

Windows Cloud, the new rumored operating system for Microsoft Windows systems is turning out to be the real deal as screenshots of this seemingly mysterious up and coming concept have been published.

Windows Blog Italia posted the images on February 2 and gave a first look at the updated operating system.

The Windows Cloud concept is to create a less bulky, less bogged down operating system for cheaper PC’s to make them run more efficiently. The goal is to provide the most convenient operations, comparable to the way Google has Chrome. The Verge describes it as a more simplified version of Windows.

The initial leaked screenshots do not show off any special features of the new operating system. The first showcases what appears to be a low-resolution desktop with a prompt indicating an app is being run that isn’t designed for the new version of Windows (a distinct possibility given that designers don’t have access to it).

Windows Cloud (Screenshot via Windows Blog Italia)

Leaked screenshot of Windows 10 Cloud desktop by Windows Blog Italia.

The second screenshot from Windows Blog Italia showcases a few Windows apps running on the desktop including Slack and Evernote. The final is a shot of the system registry with a Cloud listing under its edition identification.

Windows Cloud (Screenshot via Windows Blog Italia)

Windows 10 Cloud desktop with apps.

Windows Cloud (Screenshot via Windows Blog Italia)

System registry for Windows 10 Cloud edition.

Up until now, Microsoft has been relatively quiet about their next step, and a date of release has not been leaked. Microsoft has yet to announce or acknowledge when the new operating system will be available to its vast number of users.

Windows Cloud users will only be able to go through the Windows Store to install and download on their systems. This concept is nothing new, seeing how the Chromebook has its own stores for installing applications as well. While some stores may not have everything a user is searching for, it does make the process of obtaining new programs easier and more accessible for anyone using the technology.

According to Windows Latest, Windows 10 slides into second place for world’s most used operating system. About a quarter of users have Windows 10 on their devices, while Windows 7, still in first place, has roughly half the market share.

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