“Unlimited” has its limits on Verizon’s new prepaid plan $80 will get you quite a bit, but not everything

Verizon prepaid plan - Photo by Robert Beiler for CommonGeek

Verizon has come up with an new plan to give its prepaid users exactly what they want: endless talk and text and unlimited data.

Phone owners with Verizon have a new way to save with this month to month with this new plan special. This new prepaid deal is $80 per month. This translates to impossible to get out of contacts being pushed aside in favor of a simpler “pay as you go” approach to cell phones.

Verizon’s statement angled this as another step in making prepaid plans more appealing in their announcement.

“In just months, Verizon has transformed its prepaid offerings to make it easier and more affordable for customers to get access to the best network at a great value, no matter how much data they need,” said Tami Erwin, executive vice president of operations for Verizon.

Users can talk on the phone and send text messages to over two hundred overseas locations, this also includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Sounds like a great deal worth jumping on board with, right? Maybe try looking into it more and read the fine print a little closer. This plan is a little misleading and not as foolproof as it seems.

This deal has a rather stingy rule attached- no sharing data. Verizon stopped the use of Hotspots with this prepaid option. This prevents data being transferred and shared between users and devices like other phones, laptops, or desktops. So Cindy next door can’t bake a plate of cookies in exchange for her next door neighbor’s Wi-Fi Hotspot password.

Verizon also has the power to slow down the data for users in heavily populated network areas. This means the data is unlimited, but there are no promises on how quickly the high-speed data will come through at times. Another slowed aspect with this plan may be video streaming. The plan will limit video streaming to a 480p maximum. It remains to be seen how users will react to these restrictions.

People interested in this great, wallet friendly deal should do their research before cancelling their current plans to jump on this cheaper bandwagon. Depending on one’s needs for their phone, one plan may be more beneficial than another. There is also a whole list of other plans and options on the Verizon website worth comparing and checking out.

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