Fitbark can get your dog in shape this summer With innovative technology, fitness trackers aren't just for humans anymore

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Pet owners who are interested in monitoring their dog’s physical activity can look no further than the FitBark.


This dog bone shaped device tracks the amount of activity their dog does throughout the day during playtime and exercise. It tracks distance and calories burned, similar to the way FitBit tracks humans exerted energy and calorie count during the day.


The FitBark shows proud pet parents an overall “health index” of their dog, which gives them a detailed insight into their pet’s physical well being and quality of life. If dogs wear their FitBark while they sleep then a nocturnal sleep score can be calculated as well as resting time. Water dogs can even enjoy a dip in the pool while wearing their FitBark devices.
Photo via Fitbark press kit

The Fitbark fits easily onto a dog’s collar.

“I think for the owners that are really trying to get an overweight pet to slim down, and don’t know where to start, its a great idea,” said Mollie Ehrgood, a veterinarian technician in Northampton, Pa. “Setting an easily-monitored goal would be a great tool. Like, ‘Fluffy should be taking 1000 steps a day but he’s only taking 500’.” Ehrgood added to this by saying “if used in conjunction with a healthy feeding regimen, I think it could be a great asset to a dedicated pet owner”.


Canine Journal did a review of activity monitors for dogs and praised FitBark as a company saying, “The FitBark was one of the most highly wanted pet items for a Kickstarter campaign. In 27 hours they raised over $80,000 when their goal was only $35,000. The bone design of their on-collar monitor is cute and smaller than most other monitors and comes in a variety of colors. The app performs well and it’s easy to use.”


FitBark sells for just under $75 online. For a pet owner who is serious about logging the amount of activity their furry companion gets each day, this device is a rather inexpensive, innovative way to go, especially with warmer temperatures coming and walks, hikes, and dog park trips quickly becoming more frequent and prevalent. So as pet owners gear up for vacation and beach trips, their dogs can get in shape at the same time.
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