Muzzle the Musical is singing for its supper

If you like musicals and web series here is your chance to help something that combines both of them. Muzzled the Musical is a new musical web series currently doing a Kickstarter to try and fund their first season.

Muzzled the Musical takes place in Royal Kingdom of Serenadia where singing is the ultimate power and can even be deadly. Twenty years ago the kingdom was caught in a horrible musical war between The Golden King (Kevin Sorbo, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) and The Black Matron (Juliet Landau, Buffy the Vampire Slayer). After restoring peace The Golden King made a decree that all Blackhearts, the anti-royals, must wear the Muzzle. The muzzle is a magic tattoo that punishes the person bearing it if they try to sing.

Now Malfalia (Ashly Burch, Hey Ash, Watcha Playin?), the daughter of The Black Matron, is growing up. She loves princesses but also does not want to betray her Blackheart blood. Malfalia is mtmtumblr_n69ir9WzKV1td0kbgo1_1280accompanied by her two best friends Hadey (Mary Kate Wiles, Sqaresville) and Damon (Maxwell Glick, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) also Blackhearts. The Blackhearts also have Krampus (Joey Richter, Starkid) who was their deadliest lieutenant but is now the indentured servant to The Golden King and the newly inducted Captain Hood (Jeff Lewis, The Guild) who might have a romance going with the Black Matron.

Malfalia looks up to the leader of the princesses and The Golden King’s Daughter, Princess Ambrosia (Ashley Clements, The Lizzie Bennet Diaires). Ambrosia’s commands a group of spoiled princesses (Erin Heft, Lauren Lopez, Chelsey Clime, Lisa Foiles, Kenley Shea and, Brittany and Brianna Winner). She also has some arm candy with the name of Prince Dashing (Brendan Bradley) but he has more to him then meets the eye as he secretly sympathies with the Blackhearts.


Unfortunately Princess Ambrosia and her princess posse has left the realm of spoiled for strait up evil. She gains Malfalia’s trust only to trick her to triggering her muzzle and to leave her writhing in pain. But Malfalia is not weak she manages to sing threw mtmtumblr_n69bd4DEKn1td0kbgo1_1280the pain and shatters her Muzzle and now is out for revenge.
Will Malfalia be able to bring down royal society? Will she be able to make so her fellow Blackhearts can sing again? Well if Muzzle the Musical can get $45,000 by July 3rd you will be able to find out.

When we reached out to discover if they had begun filming for show, the official Twitter account responded Not yet! But we can’t wait to start.” 

The Kickstarter has been going well so far with the officle Muzzle the Musical twitter positing  “Over $17,000 in the first 24 hours! Thank you SO MUCH! #MuzzledMusical” on May 28 The kickstarter has many perks to offer but Ashley Clements promised one of her own on twitter “This isn’t an official perk, but I promise that if you back @MuzzledMusical, I will personally haunt your dreams.”

There will also be a Google Hangout with some of the cast and creative team on May 30 at 3:00PM PST.

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