June 2014


Twitter Integrates Gif Support

As of June 18th, Twitter now has official gif support. That means users can put up that gif taken from the the newest viral video for all their followers to see.  This new update will extend support from the website to the iOS and Android apps as well. The process will…


Dear Melly: Tips on Making Videos

Do you have questions about social media, video making, video games, etc.? “Dear Melly” is our geeky advice column, so why not send your questions my way? All questions should be sent to dearmelly@commongeek.tv or posted on any social media site with #dearmelly. “I want to make YouTube videos, but…


‘The Magic School Bus’ Gets a 360° Makeover

Great news for 90’s kids and educational television geeks! According to the New York Times, Netflix has teamed up with Scholastic Media to make a reboot of The Magic School Bus. Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, said the original version of the show is “remarkably popular on Netflix.” That much isn’t too…