‘No Man’s Sky’ to Make It’s Debut on Playstation 4

One of the new games making its debut on Playstation 4 is No Man’s Sky, which had a trailer revealed at E3 last night. The trailer showed someone walking out of a cave while their visor lit up key areas around them and told a little more about what was surrounding them. As he left, it recognized the area as “The Oria V Caves” and marked them as discovered by the player while uploading the discovery. You get to see the surface of a beautiful alien planet as space ships fly overhead.

As the player walks across the surface they discover mostly peaceful alien creatures, but as a large hostile creature arrives, they run for the ship and take off into the sky. You then get to see space and a fleet of ships appear. As the player flies through, more ships come and they all descend onto a new planet. As they enter the planets atmosphere, the game recognizes it as Soleth Prime, but marks it as discovered by another player. Now you get to witness some combat as the player locks onto enemy ships and he and his allies shoot them down. Then they return to the sky and the trailer fades out as the enter space once again.

Sean Murray, Managing Director of Hello Games, came out to say a few things about his game. He wanted a Sci-Fi game based on the kind of Sci-Fi that he grew up with, filled with worlds that he wanted to escape to, but never could. No Man’s Sky is an infinite universe that everyone shares. Every player will begin on a different planet, so that no two players will have the same experience. The universe is so vast and boundless that they don’t even know what all is in it. Every player will help discover more of the universe. Going back to the trailer, this explains why the game uploaded the discovery of the cave, so now everyone knows and whenever someone goes there it will show that you are the one that found it. As he left he said that he wanted to give a look into what our journey into the infinite may look like and another trailer began playing.


The second trailer showed a lot more of the same things we saw in the original trailer, but with different looks and styles befitting different planets. It also revealed a little more of what combat may look like, with more dogfights. It then showed some combat on the ground and the player had a laser gun to fight off some sort of flying drone.

The last new thing that it revealed are structures that looked like large buildings. Whether these are player made, or created by an indigenous species is unknown, but either way it seems like a very fun concept. The trailer ended with the line; Every Planet Procedural, Every Planet Unique, Every Planet Unexplored. There is no release date set for this title yet.