New ‘Destiny’ Trailer; More Plot Revealed

Destiny received a new trailer at E3 last night. The trailer began in present day, with astronauts landing on Mars and exploring the surface until they discover a massive orb in the sky. It then goes on to explain the orb as being called The Trap. It explains mankind’s expanse through our solar system, colonizing other planets and our eventual want to find new systems. Then a “darkness” found them, which marked the end of everything.

The trailer then shows an oracle reminiscent of Halo 3, albeit with a new design. This has been the voice speaking in the trailer and it has been searching for you. You get to see some of the landscapes that the game holds, when a new voice begins to speak to you. He has been talking through the oracle. He explains that they always knew the darkness would return to finish what it started, to take their home.

The trailer then reveals an enemy from the game. A large spiked alien. And you get to see a character from the game, who has been looking for you for centuries. He has been searching for you because you are one of the few with the light of the traveler and can fight the darkness. The player, as a “Guardian”, is proclaimed Earth’s last hope. You then get to see a plethora of fights revealing many abilities that will be in the game. Many of which are very similar to Halo abilities. The man who has been talking to the player leaves with one last message.

DESTINY-GAMEPLAY4“If you fail, everything you know, everything humans have ever known, will be gone. Forever. So you know, no pressure.”

Andrew House, President and Group CEO of SCE, came out with a few announcements. Destiny will be a part of a new PS4 bundle pack with an exclusive white PS4. This bundle will be available September 9th, 2014 for $499.99 and will include a 500GB PS4, controller, the Destiny game, and a 30 day Playstation Plus Pass. Also, for those of you that already have a PS4, the alpha for Destiny will be starting on Thursday, June 12th. You can get access to it here. If you can’t make that, the beta for Destiny will be starting July 17th. The Playstation 4 will also have exclusive content, such as gear and maps.