NA LCS Summer Split Week 1 Recap

The League Championship Series is back for the Summer Split! We’ve got 8 North American teams  ready to show who is the best. Who will it be? Well check below to see who’s in the lead after the first week of the North American Summer Split!

Cloud 9 VS Team SoloMid

Game 1 started off with a well timed gank from Amazing to catch Balls before he hit level 6 and giving TSM first blood. Cloud 9 answered with a series of kills and superior objective control, taking 4 of 5 Dragons and both Barons to take the first win of the NA Summer Split.

Curse VS Counter Logic Gaming

Game 2 started off early with a level 1 teamfight to give CLG first blood. They gained a small lead and slowly pushed that lead out until they had an incredible advantage of 15k gold. Curse couldn’t stand against that and took their first loss.

LMQ VS Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses grabbed a great early fight in their own jungle to pick up 2 kills and a dragon. Pobelter started to get big on Kayle and took a risky fight against XiaoWeiXiao to pick up a kill. NoName quickly made his way in and attempted to pick up an easy kill on the now low health Pobelter, but with an extraordinary juke, he made it out unscathed. A few minutes later, LMQ took their revenge with a double kill from Vasilii and a simultaneous attack on Pobelter for another kill. XiaoWeiXiao started to get ahead and began completely melting targets from the map, the only times he was prevent from taking someone 100-0 is when Pobelter was their with an Intervention. LMQ played a great game for their first win.

LMQ-EG Double

compLexity VS Team Dignitas

There wasn’t much to this game. Dignitas continuously outplayed compLexity all game. The numbers say it all, Dignitas had a 22k gold lead, the kill count was 23-3, and if that wasn’t enough, Shiphtur got a pentakill to end the game 15/0/4.

Counter Logic Gaming VS LMQ

Game 5 started off with a small lead for CLG, but when dexter tried to steal the Dragon LMQ read it perfectly and got an easy kill and the first Dragon. Later, CLG got a great fight near Baron pit and immediately tried to take an early Baron, but a level 11 team against Baron is a lot harder than you’d think. XiaoWeiXiao used that to his advantage to get a fantastic triple kill and stop CLG from taking Baron. LMQ was about to win when CLG pulled a great 5 for 2 fight to prolong the game. When LMQ came back for a round 2, they were the ones who got a 3 kill advantage and this time they won the game.

Team SoloMid VS Curse

The first game of Day 2 started off big for TSM. Amazing was coming out strong with Elise, going 6/0 in the early game. Curse tried for a comeback with an incredible surprise attack in their own jungle to grab a triple kill and the Baron. That just wasn’t enough though, because in the next team fight TSM came back looking for revenge, killing 4 members of curse and only losing Bjergsen. Curse put up a great fight, but TSM was just too strong and took the win at 52 minutes.

compLexity VS LMQ

compLexity started off early with a first blood after a misplay from Mor put him into harms way. LMQ responded with a kill onto ROBERTxLEE and a great escape from Vasilii. LMQ took charge of this game and when it looked like compLexity might grab a kill to turn the tides, an incredible lantern from Mor saved ackerman’s life. It was extremely one sided and LMQ took a very early 28 minute victory ending the game at 20-5.

Team Dignitas VS Evil Geniuses

Zion Spartan came out strong when 9 minutes in he took on both Snoopeh and Innox. He caused them to retreat the 2v1 and he still managed to kill Innox and left Snoopeh with a sliver of health. EG tried to shut him down with a 3 man gank and he still managed to kill Snoopeh before he died. EG started to make a comeback when they began utilizing their ball delivery system. For those of you that don’t know what that is, you take a champion that can initiate the fight, and Orianna puts the ball on them, the second they initiate, she Shockwaves. This gave them an edge in the teamfights and they started pulling back. 35 minutes into the game Dignitas tried to take Baron, when Snoopeh made an incredible steal, leaping into the pit. After all that, it came down to a base race, with the entire EG team trying to push in and Zion Spartan taking EG’s base. EG attempted to retreat, but as they were being chased by Dignitas, Zion Spartan cut them off from coming back into their base, winning them the fight and the game.

DIG-EG Cutoff

Team SoloMid VS compLexity

The big player to watch out for this game was Bjergsen. His Kassadin play was phenomenal, even taking on Westrice and Bubbadub in a 1v2 and picking up the kill on Westrice’s Jax. Between him and some great plays from Gleeb’s Morgana, TSM came out victorious.

Team Dignitas VS Cloud 9

Game 5 was very short, ending at only 28 minutes in. Dignitas kept getting the better of Cloud 9 and won the game being up 11-2 in kills.

Evil Geniuses VS Counter Logic Gaming

The final game of Day 2 was fairly uneventful for the majority of the game. The teams kept going back and forth, but the end of the game was incredible. As EG went for Baron, CLG was attempting to take an inhibitor turret. By the time EG realized how much trouble they were in, the turret was gone and CLG was working on the inhibitor. All of EG tried to recall as quickly as possible to save their base, but as they did, Seraph teleported to a ward near Baron and leaped into them with his Irelia, throwing her Transcendent Blades to stop their recalls. Seraph died in the process, but held the team off just long enough for the rest of CLG to win the game.

LMQ VS Curse

The first game of Day 3 started off with XiaoWeiXiao coming out huge as LeBlanc, getting 3 kills to pull ahead. He was melting his targets, but Voyboy as Kayle started to make some plays to turn the tides, timing his Intervention perfectly to block XiaoWeiXiao’s burst damage. LMQ began baiting out Voyboy’s Intervention so that XiaoWeiXiao could burst down the members of Curse again. Once that began to happen, the game was over and LMQ took the victory.

Cloud 9 VS compLexity

The next game started off with an incredible gank from Brokenshard, giving a triple kill and double buffs onto ROBERTxLEE. Cloud 9 started to pull the game back with Balls winning the top lane and some good plays in the jungle between Hai and Meteos. Cloud 9 pushed all the way into compLexity’s base and took both nexus turrets, but somehow compLexity managed to push them out before the nexus fell. After a misplay in the next team fight, Cloud 9 fell and compLexity came up with a win for the upset.

Evil Geniuses VS Team SoloMid

This game was very back and forth, trading kills all game until a fight at Baron pit. TSM hid inside the pit and as EG came to Baron, Snoopeh was hit in the face with a Thresh Hook.  They picked up an easy kill on Snoopeh and baited out a few more kills around the Baron. After winning another team fight in the bot lane, TSM pushed into the base for the win.

Curse VS Team Dignitas

Game 4 was fairly uneventful until about 20 minutes into the game they had a base race. Dignitas started taking the top lane middle turret and Curse was taking the bot lane middle turret. Dignitas managed to take the inhibitor turret before being forced to retreat because Curse had already taking their inhibitor and was looking for victory. Dignitas managed to stop the push, but not before Curse took one of their nexus turrets. It took Curse 12 more minutes to get back into the base, but they kept winning the fights and this time Dignitas was unable to stop them from winning.

Counter Logic Gaming VS Cloud 9

The last game started early with Cloud 9 invading CLG’s jungle. They managed to get a kill onto Seraph and stole the red buff. CLG attempted a 4 man gank in the top lane, but Hai and Balls managed to turn the fight and pick up 2 kills, causing the rest of CLG to retreat. The entire game was filled with great plays and teamfights from both teams, but Cloud 9 managed to come out of the fights slightly ahead every time. In the end, Cloud 9 won after a fight in the bot lane. Sneaky and Meteos pushed into the base while LemonNation and Balls distracted Link in the jungle, holding him up long enough for Sneaky and Meteos to win.

CLG-C9 Holdup