Big Huge Games’ ‘Rise of Nations’ Finds Its Way to Steam

Rise-of-Nations-EE-5 In 2003, Big Huge Games released the history-encompassing Real-time Strategy game, Rise of Nations. Since then, the IP has grown host to a large, devoted fan base. This following prompted an expansion to be released almost a year later and a spin-off game in 2006.

Then in 2009, former Boston Red Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling, acquired Big Huge Games as a part of his own game developing company, 38 Studios. However, it wasn’t until just recently that 38 Studios was forced to sell its assets, including the rights to Rise of Nations, in a small auction. The buyer of those rights later was revealed to be Microsoft Studios.

Now Microsoft has teamed up with SkyBox Labs to bring the hit RTS to Steam, fully loaded with updated textures and graphics as well as Cloud saving, Steam Achievements and Twitch integration, amongst other new features. Once again, you can conquer the world in your way of choosing, whether it be diplomacy or all-out domination.

Currently, the Rise of Nations: Extended Edition is set to release sometime this June with no confirmed release date, but it is available for pre-purchase on Steam.

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