Hawkman cast for CW superhero spin-off Former Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor moves to DC

Falk Hentschel cast as Hawkman.
Falk Hentschel cast as Hawkman.

Carter Hall, better known as the superhero Hawkman, has been cast in the CW’s upcoming spin-off series Legends of Tomorrow.

According to a report by Entertainment Weekly (EW) online, Hall will be played by actor Falk Hentschel. The report was subsequently re-posted by the Facebook page for Legends of Tomorrow as well as the pages for related properties The Flash and Arrow. The post from EW also stated that the character would appear in crossover episodes for the parent shows before appearing in the spin-off.

Hentschel also began to post about the casting shorty afterward on his verified Twitter account. He thanked fans for the support he has received since the announcement. He also made comments that he would have to cut back on pizza and go to the gym to be in better shape for the role.



The character of Hawkman has changed throughout comic book history. Some versions portray him an alien police officer, while others deal with Hawkman as the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince. The CW version appears to be taking the latter according to EW’s description of the character. This may make him the star-crossed lover of Kendra Saunders (played by Ciara Renée), better known as Hawkgirl. Saunders briefly appeared in the Flash’s first season finale, and was more prominent in the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow.

This will not be the German actor’s first work in a superhero television show. He appeared on season 2 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as Hydra mercenary Marcus Scarlotti (known in comic books as Whiplash). His other credits include the 2014 TV series Reckless and a minor role 2013 film White House Down.

Legends of Tomorrow is set to air in 2016 as a mid-season replacement while Arrow and The Flash are on hiatus. It will deal with time travel and the creation of a team of “legends” to take on the threat posed by the immortal DC Comics villain Vandal Savage.

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