Destiny selling most exotic weapon Gjallarhorn available for a limited time

Destiny gjallarhorn Bungie Press Kit

This weekend is going to be an extraordinary one for Destiny players. Gjallarhorn, an exotic-rarity rocket launcher, is now available for purchase for 17 Strange Coins. For veteran players who haven’t been able to acquire the weapon, this limited time offer can help create a more even playing field among raid parties.


Known for being the “make or break” weapon in most cases, it has become a point of exclusion from forming parties. Many groups will leave you simply for not owning it, due to how good it is. The Gjallarhorn is so sought after because it is a high damage rocket that when it explodes, it releases homing missiles that seek the nearest target dealing high damage. While it has recently received a nerf to the homing projectiles damage, it is sure to still be one of the top guns in the game.

If you don’t have 17 Strange Coins, you can run the Weekly Strike. At the level 32 difficulty, it rewards 9 Strange Coins. If a player only has 1 character, they can also try the Weekly Nightfall Strike. It has a chance to reward a large amount of Strange Coins.

Xûr can be found at the bar in the Tower this week and, as per usual, he is only offering this deal for 2 days. He’ll be gone by 4am Sunday. The last time he offered it was the week after Destiny was released. So make sure you get on as soon as you can.

Destiny released in September 2014, with high sales and moderate reception. The game’s third expansion, The Taken King is set to release next month. The expansion will contain some significant revisions to the core game, as discussed in the latest CommonGeek RoundTable.