Indie card game Pocket Rivals mixes cute art with simple combat A second wave for the beta is coming, no release date yet specified

Pocket Rivals

Interrobang Studios is diving head first into the world of gaming with Pocket Rivals, a brand new card game currently in beta.

In a recent interview with, Sarah Martinez from Interrobang studios, shed some light on the game.

The two player card game lets you collect the art, build your team, trade your cards and take on new challenges of Speed, Power, Charm, and Wit according to the website.

Pocket rivals promises fun, excitement and rivalry, for those 8 and up. Martinez offered an in depth look into the new game in her interview.



Kevin Bolk, Interrobang’s lead artist, pumps out more content than the studio can keep up with. Rather than leave these characters to sit in the pages of a sketchbook, the team decided to bring them to life.

For a team that loves games and loves characters, “a character driven game seemed like the intuitive leap” explained Martinez.

Further inspiration was drawn from their massive art library, Bolk’s love of all things cartoons and toys, and revisiting and re imagining old themes.


Creating the Game

The creation process took close to five months. The team looked at what they could reasonably do and afford and with the help of friends at Team Kultzow, Interrobang was able to breathe life into the game.

Interrobang had the art and the ideas, Team Kultzow had the skills to make the game function.

The two groups worked together to put the game together in a way “that made sense and was playable”, according to Martinez.

After the five month period Pocket Rivals is now in beta testing and available for purchase.


Each player starts with a 9 card team and uses each cards unique stats to challenge their rival. The game will last until one of the players is left with a single card. Eah turn allows the player to perform one of three actions, move, challenge, or use the cards special talent. The game comes down to strategy and using the cards effectively against the opponent. The company released an explainer video for the game, featuring cats playing.

Currently one pack is available, Monsters vs. Robots. The team does have plans for expansion packs so players can build their own unique decks.

“The preliminary thought is that the second wave should be mermaids vs. mobsters” Martinez said. “Kevin is actually working on designing Codfather cards right now”.

Pocket Rivals is a story and character centered game, coupled with skill and humor.


Getting the game

Pocket rivals is available for purchase on Interrobang’s website. Once beta testing is over the team will expand the universe, adding more cards and a game mat.

Playtesting is scheduled to be finished by June. From old art work sitting in a folder to a brand new game, Interrobang is making a head first leap into the world of gaming.

Disclosure: CommonGeek was given a copy of the Pocket Rivals beta pack “Monsters vs Robots” to play test before our interview with Sarah Martinez.

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