Disney ordering reshoots on Rogue One Studio wants anthology film to be similar to The Force Awakens

Disney executives are reportedly unhappy with the upcoming Star Wars film, Rogue One. Page Six reported a source’s claims that Disney is ordering the movie have four weeks of “expensive reshoots” in July.

Director Gareth Edwards recently delivered his rough cut of the film to Disney executives, who were less than pleased with it. Edwards apparently has his own vision for the film and reportedly has a history of resisting studio influence. However, the source told Page Six that, “Disney won’t take a back seat, and is demanding changes, as the movie isn’t testing well.”


The source said, “The filmmaking team and the studio always anticipated additional shooting and second unit work to make the film the absolute best it can be, and the actors were aware there would be additional shooting. Coming off The Force Awakens, there’s an incredibly high bar for this movie and we have a responsibility to the franchise and to the fans to deliver the best possible movie we can.”

The Force Awakens was a huge success for Disney and is currently the third highest grossing film of all time, following Avatar and Titanic. The movie also currently holds more records than any other film.


The Hollywood Reporter went into more detail about the studio’s opinion on the film. They state that executives felt the movie was “tonally off with what a ‘classic’ Star Wars movie should feel like”, with a studio insider telling them that, “Anything less than extraordinary won’t do”. The reshoots will reportedly make the film more lighthearted and add more fun to the adventure.

Rogue One will be the first film in the Star Wars anthology series. The series will follow spin-offs set in the main universe. The film will be a prequel to the original Star Wars film, A New Hope, following the band of rebels that stole the plans to the Death Star.

The next film in the anthology series will also be a prequel, following the adventures of a young Han Solo. Actor Alden Ehrenreich recently landed the lead role as Han.

Despite the reshoots, Rogue One’s release date remains December 16, 2016. The film stars Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelson, Alan Tudyk, Forest Whitaker and Diego Luna.

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