Brie Larson in talks for Captain Marvel Actress will reportedly play the lead role

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Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson is the frontrunner to play the popular Marvel female superhero Captain Marvel, according to reports from Variety on Wednesday, June 1.

Larson is reportedly in early talks to play Captain Marvel in what will be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first stand alone female-led film. The Captain Marvel standalone movie is not slated to be released until March 3, 2019 (after being postponed twice) but it is likely that Marvel Studios is casting the role ahead of time so that the character can appear in other Marvel films before she gets her own. Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman are set to write the screenplay. LeFauve was nominated for an Oscar as a co writer on Inside Out and Perlman is no stranger to Marvel as a co writer of Guardians of the Galaxy. The film will be produced by the Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. No director for the movie has been announced.

Earlier this year Larson was awarded the  Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in as Joy “Ma” Newsome in Room, it was her first Oscar nomination and win. The actress has the films Basmati Blues and Free Fire coming out later this year along with Kong: Skull Island and The Glass Castle slated to be released in 2017.

If Larson ends up taking the role she will be playing the Carol Danvers incarnation of Captain Marvel. In the comics Danvers originally went by the name superhero name Miss Marvel. She gained superpowers after her dna was mixed with Kree alien DNA after an accident. She took on the mantle of Captain Marvel in 2012 while the mantel of Miss Marvel was taken over by new character Kamala Khan that was introduced in 2013.

The Marvel Studios movie Captain America: Civil War is currently playing.

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