Android N is officially Nougat Sorry Nutella

Update: While the initial launch didn’t mention it, the video description on YouTube for the unveiling for the Nougat statue confirmed that it will be version 7.0.

Today Google announced the official name for Android N on Snapchat: Nougat.

Android Nougat on Snapchat

The Android Nougat announcement on Snapchat.

In a series of video Snaps, Google took viewers on a tour of their campus before the reveal. They showcased statues depicting the whimsical Android logo along with the various deserts that preceded Nougat including Mashmallow and Jellybean. This also included a brief look at a presumably staged “Top Secret Android N Naming Lab”. Finally, they unveiled the newest in the lineup in the form of a new statue surrounded by nougats.

Earlier in the day, the company took to Twitter to prompt users to follow them on Snapchat. They also posted about it using the tag #AndroidNReveal. Some outlets like Engadget and The Next Web poked fun at the search giant for choosing Snapchat as the actual platform to unveil. As the TNW headline put it: “Google is revealing Android N’s name today on Snapchat because it’s 2016”.

The name comes just over a month after Google users could help name the new version. At their Google I/O event, the company launched a section of their website where users could submit possible names. The company made it clear at the time that they would be looking through the results to filter out any unmentionable suggestions, but had not specified when they would make the final decision.

Nougat was chosen out of millions of suggestions from all over the globe, according to Google representative Joshua Cruz. “Nougat was one of the most popular non-branded suggested names from users,” Cruz said. Ultimately he said the team was the one to make the decision, as they had indicated at Google I/O.

Google did not announce a release date for Android Nougat with the reveal. The beta version is available for download now. Support documents on the Android Developers website indicate the final version will release to manufacturers in Q3 2016.

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