RoundTable 49: Shkreli used ‘Price Gouge’! Unfortunately, it's Super Effective


On this week’s episode, the CommonGeek crew talks Pokemon Go, Magic: The Gathering, and the Grumbles.

Since last week’s rendition of the Roundtable, a Pokemon Go update has allowed Robert to play alongside the rest of the CommonGeek crew. There has also been information leaked from the game’s code regarding a possible sponsorship with McDonald’s.

As Tom himself put it, “Professional Supervillain” Martin Shkreli is causing trouble once again. This time, he’s buying limited and expensive Magic: The Gathering Cards off of Wizards of the Coast’s reserved list.

Friend of CommonGeek Ben Fischer was our guest on this week’s episode of Roundtable. We got a chance to discuss Ben’s webcomic called the Grumbles. The Grumbles are characters based off of simple shapes that live in a vast fantasy world.

Producer’s note: No podcast next week as the hosts will be away. But they will return the following week for episode 50!

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Pokemon Go To Get Sponsored Pokestops

Infamous Price Gouger Martin Shkreli Wants To Collect Rare Magic: The Gathering Cards

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