Pokemon Go developer shuts down third-party app Tracking system removed as well

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has begun shutting down third-party applications. Some, like PokeVision, allowed users to find Pokemon in the game. Users could also see how long Pokemon would stay in a specific location, also known as their spawn time.

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Pokemon Go’s original tracking system

Applications like PokeVision became popular due to Niantic removing the “three-step” feature. Users were able to estimate Pokemon locations by seeing how many footsteps were underneath the Pokemon’s icon. The less footsteps there were, the closer the Pokemon was.

The Pokemon Go Facebook page has released a statement about the three-step feature and third-party applications. The post details that these applications “limited access by third-party services which were interfering with our ability to maintain quality of service for our users”.

Furthermore, an explanation was presented as to why the three-step display was removed. The three-step display was “confusing and did not meet our underlying product goals”. They will also evidently attempt to keep users updated on the development of their tracking system.

This statement has been a rare glimpse of transparency from the company. Users have claimed that Niantic has not kept an open dialogue with their fan base since the app launched. Even prominent let’s players have had their say on the matter. This includes YouTuber cr1tikal, known for his use of lewd and dry commentary in the gaming community.

In this Tweet, Cr1itkal referred to Niantic’s other augmented reality app Ingress. Ingress and Pokemon Go are similar in that they both utilize real-world locations in gameplay. Ingress also had similar issues with Pokemon Go with their fan base.

A third-party  Ingress application called Broot Mood was similarly shut down by Niantic. This mod allowed Ingress users to lower the graphical quality of the game. This made the game easier to run on their devices. Broot Mod also featured an inventory management chart. According to Broot Mod’s developer Brut.all, Niantic discovered the mod and sent them a cease and desist notice. Users in the forum appeared distraught from the news of the application being shut down.

In short, Niantic has had a history of clashing with third-party developers. While Niantic attempts to fix the tracking system, more apps have already begun springing up. This includes an app called Smart Poke V2, a prominent replacement for PokeVision.

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