RoundTable 50: The Jokester Why So Not Silly?

This week’s episode of the CommonGeek RoundTable is a very special one. The fiftieth episode of the RoundTable features various topics of interest for Tom, Robert, and Adam. We also got an update on the events of their lives since the forty-ninth episode of the RoundTable two weeks ago.

While Adam and Robert are preparing for Adam to move in together, Tom recollects his trip to Disney World.

The two main topics discussed regarded Nintendo’s upcoming console and Tumblr starting an advertisement partnership program.

Patents filed by Nintendo may have given some credence to recent reports about the Nintendo NX. A portable device patented by Nintendo appears to match a report made by Eurogamer that states the Nintendo NX is set to be a portable console.

The Tumblr staff has begun rolling out a program where users will have advertisements on their blogs. While this will be set by default, users will have the option to gain income from these ads.

While everyone from CommonGeek settles down, the RoundTable podcast will be on a temporary hiatus. It will return by the end of this year.

Host & Guests

Tom Van Orden, Media Director – Twitter

Robert Beiler, Editor-in-Chief – Twitter,Facebook

Adam Houck, Managing Editor –Twitter

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Show Notes

Tumblr to allow users to make money from ads

Nintendo NX may be a portable console

Defenders trailer


Editing for this episode was provided by Nahan Mace

Production by Matt Lee


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