Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer reveals new Pokemon Alola forms and Team Skull make an appearance

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Nintendo has officially released a trailer riddled with new information on Pokemon Sun and Moon. New Pokemon and Alola region forms for previously existing monsters were revealed. The trailer also gave a sneak peak at the area’s Team Rocket equivalent called Team Skull.

New Pokemon

Source: Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

Wishiwashi’s Solo Form

A water type called Wishiwashi was shown in the trailer. It has a unique ability called Schooling, which allows it to change from Solo Form to School Form.


Source: Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer

Wishiwashi’s School Form

It is not specified in the trailer how exactly Sch0oling is activated. All that was revealed was that Wishiwashi would have to reach a certain level to transform.


Source: Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer


According to the trailer, the water type Pyukumuku has the ability Innards Out. When Pyukumuku faints, it deals damage equal to the amount of HP it had before being knocked out.


Source: Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer


The trailer showed Fairy/Grass type Morelull. It has the abilities Illuminate and Effect Spore. Illuminate increases the likelihood of running into wild Pokemon. Effect Spore activates when Morelull is hit with a physical attack. The opponent has a 30% chance of becoming paralyzed, poisoned, or falling asleep.


Alola Forms

The Alola region has caused significant changes to Pokemon from previous generations. The Alola forms of these Pokemon have deviated from their original counterparts in both their appearances and types.

Source: Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer

Raichu’s Alola form

Pikachu’s evolution Raichu has received an Alola form. In its new form, Raichu is a dual Electric/Psychic type. Raichu will have an advantage over Fighting and Poison type Pokemon. It would also most likely be weak against Dark types due to it becoming part Psychic type.


Source: Pokemon Go Sun and Moon trailer

Marowak’s Alola form

Marowak’s Alola form is a dual Fire/Ghost type. With this typing, it will be resistant to Poison, Steel, Bug, Grass, Fire, Ice, and Fairy type moves. However, it will also be weak to Rock, Ground, Water, Dark, and Ghost type moves.


Source: Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer

Mewoth’s Alola form

Meowth’s Alola form will be a transition from Normal to Dark type. Alola form Meowth can use Dark type moves against Ghost type Pokemon. This is in stark contrast to the original Meowth, whose Normal type moves would have had no effect.


Team Skull

Source: Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer

Team Skull grunts

The new trailer for Pokemon Go revealed Team Skull. Team Skull appears to be a gang made up of rejected captains. Captains guide players through the Island Challenge in the Alola region.


Source: Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer

Team Skull Leader Guzma

The Team Skull grunts are led by Guzma, who causes mischief and appears to be bitter towards the captains of Alola.


Source: Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer


The so-called “big sister” of the Team Skull grunts is Plumeria. She appears to have a protective and domineering personality.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th of this year.

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