‘Pokemon Ruby’ and ‘Sapphire’ Get the 3D Treatment

It’s not another internet joke, this time it’s real! If you’ve been trapped in the Rock Tunnel for the last two months then you probably missed the latest Pokemon news. In the past, Nintendo has taken older Pokemon games such as, Red and Blue and brought it up-to-date with the newest gaming graphics (FireRed and LeafGreen). Now Nintendo is taking Ruby and Sapphire players and bringing them back to the Hoenn region in a new 3D adventure.  Aside from the upgraded game mechanics and graphics this new Pokemon game might have some tie-ins with Pokemon X & Y.

Before we HM08 (dive) into the clues, let me just say that these are just theories and that nothing has been confirmed.

So to start off we need to look back at when Pokemon X & Y were just released. The X/Y game got hacked and hidden Pokemon were revealed that Nintendo didn’t announced previously (Diancie, Hoopla, and Volcanion). What was also uncovered were the Mega Evolutions for Latios and Latias, Pokemon who currently have no Mega Evolution stones available in Pokemon X & Y.


If that didn’t peak your interest, have you ever wondered why Blaziken was the only Generation 3 starter that got a Mega Evolution? It’s possible that with the remakes the remaining two starters will also get Mega Evolutions.

But wait there’s more! Nintendo’s current box art for OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire have the legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre illustrating a new design (Alpha & Omega). Could it be that the gods of land and sea will also be getting Mega Evolutions?

There’s no doubt that this remake will become another successful game for Nintendo. With Pokemon fans eagerly waiting for this game to arrive, this remake could potentially topple sales for Pokemon X & Y. For those of you interested, you can click here to pre-order the game and stay tuned for anymore upcoming Pokemon news.