Rooster Teeth Is Making A Movie!

Being no strangers to unique creative content, the popular internet production company, Rooster Teeth, announced yesterday that they’re making a movie. Company founder, Burnie Burns, posted a video to YouTube and their website detailing their Indiegogo campaign to fund production of Lazer Team.

You may remember Rooster Teeth as the creators of the longest-running internet show, Red vs. Blue, or the hosts of Achievement Hunter and the creators of RWBY. Now, after 11 years since the company was founded, they’re ready to make a feature-length movie.

“When I first met Matt Hullum, my production partner back in college, it was to make a movie,” Burnie stated in the video. “We’ve always been movie guys.”

Lazer Team will be a live action sci-fi comedy set decades after the human race’s first contact with an alien civilization. So far, that’s all we know about the movie, but they promise that more details will be released in due time.

“We’ve been working on Lazer Team for years now, waiting to get to the point where Rooster Teeth could grow as a company to actually make that movie,” Burnie continued.

Since the campaign’s launch yesterday, Rooster Teeth reached their goal of $650,000 overnight. As they state on the campaign’s page, with the more money they get, the more they can do with visuals, talent, and filming locations. In the first update, Burnie announced that with the stretch goal of $750,000, they can do six more episodes of his show, Game Time, featuring the cast and crew of Lazer Team.


The campaign also offers unique benefits for donations. Ranging from simple Behind-The-Scenes updates and exclusive Lazer Team and Red vs. Blue merchandise, to appearances in Rooster Teeth content, including the movie, and one lucky person having the privilege of hanging out with the company’s angriest employee and star of Rage Quit, Michael Jones.

So, with a little bit of elbow grease and headlight fluid, this movie should take off faster than being propelled by a sniper rifle that’s also a scythe as we, the fans, anxiously await its arrival.

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