Info About the ‘Pokemon Ruby’ & ‘Sapphire’ Leaks And Predictions for the Future

The latest issue of CoroCoro magazine reveals (and confirmed my theory) new Mega Evolutions, character designs, in-game graphics, and an illustrated epic battle between the gods of land and sea!

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My suspicions were correct! OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire will include the Mega Evolutions of Sceptile and Swampert. Mega Sceptile will gain the Dragon type making it Grass/Dragon while Swampert’s typing won’t change. Gourdon and Kyorge will also get new forms that will turn them back into “primal forms”. This bit of news is big for the world of Pokemon since there are dozens of prehistoric Pokemon and because this the first mention of devolutions. So what could this mean for Pokemon like Rayquaza? I really want to stress that the “primal forms” that Gourdon and Kyorge will be getting are not evolutions but regressions instead and there’s no news how this would affect their stats yet or if they keep their Drought and Drizzle abilities.

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Another Mega Evolution revealed that ties back to the Pokemon X & Y games will be Diancie. Could the other legendary trios from X & Y also get Mega Evolutions in this up-coming game? And how many Mega Evolutions will there be in this game? So far the count is 5, not including Blaziken, Latios and Latias. Currently there are no leaks confirming Mega Latios and Latias but news of that should surface soon. Also revealed is the return of Steven Stone, the Hoenn Champion, with a new member to his team Mega Charizard X.

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Looking at the new character design for the male protagonist, his skin tone appears a little darker than the female’s protagonist. So it’s probably safe to say that the character customization feature will Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 1.43.30 PMmake a return.  As for the  female protagonist, even though her hair style still hints at the old design overall her new look is unique. The CoroCoro leaks showed no signs of the return of your second rival Wally but news of that should surface soon. Finally, I wanted to mention Team Aqua whose redesign I was very happy with. Seeing the team’s redesigned to look darker than their rivals was a good move on Nintendo’s part. Not only does it add a sense of diversity to the game but the new look also makes sense for a team to that spends most of their time on the ocean and under the sun.  As for the gameplay, based off what the leaks showed it’s most likely we’ll see the same game style and graphics that was used in Pokemon X & Y.  

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-Future Predictions for the Game-

So there are 5 new confirmed Mega Evolutions but how many more could Nintendo squeeze into this new game? With one of the legendary trios from X & Y getting a new form it’s very possible the other two will follow. We can’t forget about Rayquaza who is also another possible candidate. Along with Regigigas who can be considered an ancient Pokemon. Finally there’s Relicanth (just hear me out on this one). Described in the X & Y Pokedex as a Pokemon that has been unchanged for 100 million years, it’s possible there could be a “primal form” for the old Relicanth. Based off it’s stats and lack of an evolutionary line, this Pokemon has a lot of potential to be selected as one of the Pokemon to gain a new form in the remake.  But what about legendary Pokemon from other generations? It’s possible Nintendo could push for a “primal form” Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina but that’s probably thinking way too far ahead.

So the legendary and pseudo-legendary Pokemon are getting new forms but what about the common Pokemon? A while back when Pokemon X & Y news was still being announced, there was this image that listed of all the possible Pokemon that will get Mega Evolutions.


So it’s possible that we could see a Mega Tropius, Salamance, Metagross, Sableye, Zangoose, and Seviper in this up-coming game. Or maybe they could add Pokemon from other generations into the remake. Clearly the list above does not show all of the Mega Evolutions that did officially make it into the X & Y game. However given that most of the current Mega Evolutions are on this list I would say it’s very possible that we’ll see a Mega Tropius or a Mega Zangoose.

To wrap things up it’s very possible we’ll see some new berries in this remake. Last year, YouTube user Marriland posted a video predicting future Pokemon games based on clues from Pokemon X & Y. As mentioned in the video, by looking at the berry section from the Pokemon X & Y guidebook you’ll see a note about 14 unobtainable berries.

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With this in mind it’s very likely we’ll see new berries introduced into the game that can be shared back to Pokemon X & Y. So tell us in the comments what you think about these predictions and if you have any share them with us!

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