EU LCS Summer Split Week 1 Recap

The League Championship Series for League of Legends is back for the Summer Split! We’ve got 8 European teams  ready to show who is the best. Who will it be? Well check below to see who’s in the lead after the first week of the European Summer Split!

Fnatic VS SK Gaming

Game 1 looked like a complete shut out from the beginning. Fnatic was leading the game 5-0 and they were up 4k in gold. That is until about 20 minutes into the game with a fight around the Dragon. Jesiz on Kayle made an incredible last second save on Svenskeren’s Lee Sin to turn the fight and take a kill. They ended up only trading one for one, but from here out they started staying even in the fights, rather than giving everything up to Fnatic. SK kept pushing till they had a lead and eventually won the game.

Roccat VS Millenium

The next game started off well for Millenium with a great fight around the Dragon. A fantastic ult from Kerp’s Fizz landed a kill on Jankos’ Lee Sin and secured the Dragon for an early lead. Then when it looked like Roccat might be able to grab a kill and swing some gold back in their favor, Jree threw a great Thresh lantern to save Creaton’s life and turn it into another kill on Jankos. The rest of the game involved Millenium pushing out their lead for a victory, but one thing to check out on this game was a series of surprise attacks from Kerp, melting his target before they even had a chance to escape.

Kerp Fizz Melting Kass

Copenhagen Wolves VS Alliance

The third game of day one included an interesting lineup from Copenhagen Wolves with some champions we haven’t seen in the LCS for a while. Airwaks was on a Jungle Yorick and Woolite brought out a Kog’Maw AD Carry. While some of us may have been hoping for some interesting plays with these champions, it just wasn’t enough and Alliance pushed out a victory over the Wolves.

Millenium VS Supa Hot Crew

Millenium took an early lead on Game 4 with not one, but 2 easy kills onto SELFIE’s Twisted Fate. Supa Hot Crew made what looked like a good play down to bot lane, but it took 4 of them and all they got out of it was a kill on Jree’s Thresh under the tower. As they were backing off 2 members of Millenium made their way down the river to cut off the escape, but with some good plays from SELFIE they kept the damage to a 2 for 2. The rest of the game came down to Millenium outplaying Supa Hot Crew for their second victory on Day 1.

Gambit Gaming VS Roccat

Roccat took the early lead when about 12 minutes into the game a fight broke out in the bot lane that went in their favor taking down 4 of Gambit’s members and losing none of their own. 15 minutes into the game Roccat had extended their kill lead to 8-0. Gambit never came back from this and receive their second loss with a K/D spread of 1-14 and down 21k gold.

SK Gaming VS Gambit Gaming

Day 2 started off with a fight at the Dragon about 9 minutes in that went in Gambit’s favor for 2 kills and the Dragon. Gambit kept pushing their lead throughout the early game. One thing to look out for here is a nice escape from fredy112’s Aatrox to turn an easy kill into an execution and the distraction gave SK a tower from it. Gambit pushed all the way in and took both nexus turrets, making it look like victory was only moments away, but SK took them down and started their comeback. At this point SK caught up and after a fight in Baron pit, Gambit tried to go in for victory. It came down to Darien and Genja against CandyPanda and nRated. CandyPanda annihilated them and popped Genja’s Guardian Angel. The second Genja came back to life he dashed away and just before the killing blow landed, niQ clutched an Intervention to save his life and allowed them to push into the base and defeat SK Gaming.

SK-GMB Final Play

Copenhagen Wolves VS Millenium

Game 2 was fairly even the entire match. The game went back and forth with neither team having a large lead over the other until 38 minutes into the game with an incredible team fight which ended in Copenhagen Wolves’ favor. They aced Millenium while losing none of their own and used that to take the Baron and start pushing back. 45 minutes into the game the Wolves did it again and aced Millenium with no losses to give them the win.

Alliance VS Supa Hot Crew

The next game was pretty straightforward. Supa Hot Crew continuously outplayed Alliance the entire game. SELFIE’s Yasuo was incredible ending the game with a K/D/A of 8/2/8. He constantly caught the members of Alliance out of position and made them pay for it.

SK Gaming VS Copenhagen Wolves

SK completely dominated the Wolves in this matchup. There was never a moment where it looked as though the Wolves had a shot at turning the match around. SK was on top of their game. The biggest thing that hurt the Wolves was Airwaks on Lee Sin. Two of the early ganks should have worked out for them, but a premature Dragon’s Rage from Airwaks failed to secure the kill and only sent members of SK away with low health. Had they gotten those kills, they may have had a shot at coming back against SK.

SK-CW Misplays

Supa Hot Crew VS Roccat

There wasn’t anything too crazy with Game 5. It was a long game, but Supa Hot Crew got a lead and just kept pushing it further, never giving Roccat the advantage.

Alliance VS Fnatic

Great game from Alliance here pulling a small lead early on and building it to an early victory over Fnatic at 35 minutes.

Gambit Gaming VS Alliance

Day 3 started off with a tough game for Gambit. Alliance got a few early kills onto Darien to take the lead, but in the late game Gambit took advantage of Darien’s deaths to take objectives whenever Alliance chased him down. Taking objectives like the Dragon and a few towers pulled Gambit back into the game, but after an unofficial penta kill from Froggen, Alliance won the game.

Fnatic VS Copenhagen Wolves

Game 2 started off early with a level 1 team fight around the Wolves red buff. sOAZ grabbed first blood on Airwaks. Shortly after, Fnatic turned a gank from the wolves into a 3 for zero fight with a double kill on Rekkles. He used this early gold advantage to become a major threat. With the help of sOAZ, the Twitch/Shyvanna duo was an unexpected and unstoppable force. Fnatic picked up a great win here with the final kill lead of 23-3.

Millenium VS Gambit Gaming

The next game started off with a nice gank from Kottenx’s Evelynn that turned into a 2 for 1 trade in favor of Millenium. About 13 minutes into the game, Kerp made an amazing play on LeBlanc to steal the Dragon and pick up 2 kills to further extend Millenium’s lead. Gambit was unable to recover and took a pretty bad loss. The player to watch this match is Kerp. He went legendary on LeBlanc finishing the game with an astounding KDA of 10/0/5.

Roccat VS Fnatic

This match started off early with a level 1 teamfight that resulted in Roccat getting first blood. Not too long after, they got another kill on Rekkles with a tower dive. Halfway through the game, Overpow had an amazing play in what looked like a losing team fight to save Xaxus’ life and pick up a double kill. It looked like Roccat would have an easy win, that is until Fnatic turned the tides with a fight in their base to pick up 3 kills. This was shortly followed by a 4v5 teamfight in Fnatic’s favor. Without Overpow’s Kayle, Rekkles tore through their team and picked up a quadra kill to win the game.

ROC-FNC Quadra

Supa Hot Crew VS SK Gaming

The last game was very fun to watch. The teams were going back and forth and neither one ever really had a large lead. Supa Hot Crew had pushed all the way to the nexus turrets when a team fight around Baron had allowed their minions to destroy both turrets, leaving only the nexus left before victory. Unfortunately for them, SK had other plans and put up a fight, crushing through Supa Hot Crew’s defenses and winning the game.

And that brings Week 1 on the Europe side to a close. What surprises await the teams in Week 2? Stay tuned and we’ll bring you the updates!