CommonGeek Comeback

So, we disappeared. No warning, nothing. That wasn’t right. We should have been clearer with those who were following our progress.

My life and the lives of the people who help make this site go around got very busy. College, jobs, internships, and personal situations took precedent as this project got pushed to the wayside.

But now we’re back! I call this comeback “Beta 2” because we are still getting the actual site design squared away. Figuring out the back-end and nailing down a design that will be simple to follow and easy to make your way from place to place within the site and find our other content around the web.

The team and I have some plans for where we want the site to go. We’ve always wanted to incorporate video, to bring back our podcast (now known as the CommonGeek RoundTable, and to expand to things like Let’s Plays and Shorts. Those are still in the cards, but our first priority is creating quality, consistent content. We’re going to start slow and find our rhythm.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

About the author

R.C. Beiler

Robert Beiler is a journalist from Lancaster, Pennsylvania who serves as Editor-in-Chief for CommonGeek. He is also the former Editor-in-Chief of Live Wire Lancaster. He can sleep when he's dead.