Introducing the CommonGeek RoundTable

Original RoundTable Setup
OG Podcast setup

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the CommonGeek family. My name is Tom Van Orden and I am your podcast director.

I have been a veteran of the podcast since it’s original inception several years ago and I am here now to bring it into the modern age. A few housekeeping notes are probably in order since it has been many moons since the last podcast so I feel as though I should introduce you to the new “CommonGeek RoundTable”.

The RoundTable is a conversation style cast varying in participants. There will usually be 3 or 4 people on, including myself for the majority of casts (though even I need a break from talking every now and again). Other guests will include members of the CommonGeek staff, as well as any external guests we can get our hands on. We will discuss all things geek related, and really anything that we enjoy that we think you might enjoy too. We will surely be crass at times but hey, nobody’s perfect. Our main goal of course is your entertainment, so if you feel like anything needs changed or discussed on the air don’t hesitate to email us ( and I will do my very best to address it.

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to sharing this with all of you.



About the author

Tom Van Orden

When Tom Van Orden isn’t directing the CommonGeek RoundTable, he’s peddling hardware at his day job. He is an on again off again student of the English language, as well as a million other pursuits. Talking is something he enjoys, which he supposes is good considering his current position.