RoundTable 0: The Nerds are Back in Town

Podcast Crew - Meg C.
The CommonGeek RoundTable Episode Zero Crew

Introduction episode! Podcast Director Tom Van Orden comes to you with Editor-in-Chief Robert Beiler and Senior Reporter Matt Williams. Tom uses this as an opportunity to talk about the life changing capability of smartwatches. Mostly just his though.

Host & Guests

Tom Van Orden, Podcast Director – Twitter

Robert Beiler, Editor-in-Chief – Twitter, Facebook

Matt Williams, Senior Reporter – Twitter

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Show Notes

Pre-show celebration shots

AT2020 microphone picture

CommonGeek Returns Article

“First Android Tablet” – Motorola Xoom

Arrow Phone case

“DarkNet” is actually Dark Web

Droid Eris, variant of the HTC Hero

Hearthstone streams to Twitch from Android – Engadget

Apple Watch 90% sales drop – RCR Wireless

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile

Google’s Project Fi

Lancaster Barnstormers

About the author

Tom Van Orden

When Tom Van Orden isn’t directing the CommonGeek RoundTable, he’s peddling hardware at his day job. He is an on again off again student of the English language, as well as a million other pursuits. Talking is something he enjoys, which he supposes is good considering his current position.