RoundTable 0.5 : The Not Lost Comics Episode Did you call your mom?

After a technical mishap, we bring you another unofficial episode of the CommonGeek RoundTable. This week we dive into San Diego Comic Con!

Host & Guests

Tom Van Orden, Podcast Director – Twitter

Robert Beiler, Editor-in-Chief – Twitter, Facebook

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Show Notes

Old Intro/Podcast

Suicide Squad Trailer

Batman Vs Superman

Batman Vs Superman Comic Con Poster

Robert was totally wrong about Jason Todd

Green Lantern Corps


About the author

Tom Van Orden

When Tom Van Orden isn’t directing the CommonGeek RoundTable, he’s peddling hardware at his day job. He is an on again off again student of the English language, as well as a million other pursuits. Talking is something he enjoys, which he supposes is good considering his current position.