Resident Evil 2 HD remake announced Fan support appears to have prompted the project

Resident Evil 2 box art

Today the team at Capcom R&D Division 1 announced an official HD remake of Resident Evil 2, through their YouTube channel.

Discussion of a remake of the classic 1998 survival horror game has been taking place for some time. In July, the R&D team posted asking for fan support and opinions on the project. This was in response to an established fan-made remake that had been generating headlines. The fan project was created by YouTube creator Rob Lima and built on the Unreal 3 game engine. “As the team that owns the RE brand,” the post reads, “we’re not certain how we feel about this approach.” The question from Capcom generated over 11,000 responses, many of the top ones asking for the project to move forward.

In today’s announcement producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi appeared in the video to deliver the news. He had previously posted a picture on July 31 that he was meeting with his boss to pitch the idea. While the fate of the game was uncertain at the time, fan speculation from the Facebook page was that it was a good sign.

Known as Biohazard in Japan, Resident Evil has been a staple in Capcom’s library since the first game’s release March 1996. The series had seen some dips , particularly Resident Evil 6 which saw mixed reviews from critics (the PS3 edition of the game holds a 74 on review aggregate Metacritic, above the Xbox 360 and PC editions).

However the game received a resurgence with the release of Resident Evil HD in January. The first of the remakes, it saw over a million sales in it’s January release, putting it at the top of the PlayStation store for its debut month. Another remastering, Resident Evil 0 HD, was announced in May with an expected release in early 2016.

The announcement, in Japanese with subtitles, is embedded below:

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