League of Legends new Arcade Skins Riven and Blitzcrank added to the bunch

A new video was released on the League of Legends Facebook page revealing two new skins to be added to the Arcade Champions. Previously, the League had Arcade Hecarim, Arcade Sona, Arcade Miss Fortune, and Final Boss Veigar, but now we will see Arcade Riven and Battle Boss Blitzcrank added to the roster. The two new skins will feature color and particle changes similar to what we have seen with previous Arcade skins. Both skins will cost 1350 RP, but will be on sale for 975 RP through August 24th.

Riven’s new skin features a sword that isn’t broken, but when a player activates her Ult, instead of her sword reforging, it now grows and glows a bright blue and green. Her slash attack announces “HIT” in classic arcade fashion with each use and her stun now shows a D-pad on the ground in the affected area, while the dash/shield shows coins floating around her shield. When her Ult is reactivated she throws out 3 blue projectiles instead of shattering the sword. Lastly, upon death, a large “K.O.” appears above her body.

Blitzcrank’s new skin features similar stylized moves, with different pixelized colors. His Ult throws a large burst of pixelated purple energy. All of the Arcade Skins can be previewed in the Pink Cabinet.

While these are the main focus of the Arcade releases, there are also two new Summoner Icons. They are the Final Boss and Poro Love icons.

Riot will also be adding the Retro Arcade Bundle to the market, with this players can receive the previous Arcade Skins of Miss Fortune, Hecarim, and Sona¬†for 2025 RP, or 3302 RP if you don’t own the champions.