Taylor Swift has a love story with all of Hollywood T-Swift has been surprising fans with all kinds of guests

Taylor Swift - Tony Shek

Taylor Swift has proven that she pretty much knows everyone famous.  Many of us would have dreams of being able to hangout with big stars but during her 1989 tour Swift has made that dream a reality. The star studded tour is not only making headlines for the sheer number of celebrity guests but how diverse a group they are. 

The odd thing about many of the guests that Swift had pulled on stage during this tour is that they are not singers, they are just there to hangout with her on stage for a bit. She has had Julia Roberts on stage (along with Joan Baez) to her song Style. She also brought the entire U.S. Women’s Soccer Team after their world championship win. Ellen DeGeneres also made an appearance in a silver glitter  pant suit complete with some fringe around the waist inspired by the dress Swift is wearing.

Swift of course also had guests that joined her in singing some songs, something a bit more common at a concert. Swift brought out some names that she has worked with in the past. Her good friends Selena Gomez and Lorde performed with her but the list did not stop with people who know Swift well. Justin Timberlake  also performed during her last show in LA, the first time he performed since he became a parent. She was sang with acts such as Beck and St Vincent, Alanis Morissette, John Legend, Jason Derulo, Nick Jonas, Haim (as her opening act), The Weeknd, Ellie Goulding and others. All of those guests are famous for their musical abilities but some of Swift’s performers were known for their things. One of these guests was Uzo Aduba  best known for her Emmy winning role, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, in Orange Is The New Black. Aduba and Swift sang White Horse, a song off of one of Swift’s earlier albums. One of the more bizarre performances came from actress Lisa Kudrow. Kuduro appeared in character as Phoebe Buffay from Friends and performed the song Smelly Cat.

Taylor Swift has proven she knows how to show her fans a good time. Hopefully the rest of the 1989 tour is as fun to watch. If the tour is stopping in your area and you would like to try and get tickets click herebut fair warning they may already be gone.

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