Final Dragon Age Inquisition story DLC The Trespasser has been announced

On Sunday, August 30th, Bioware continued their pattern of announcing Dragon Age DLC about a week before launch when they announced the final story DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition. Titled “The Trespasser”, this expansion is set to release September 8 and will take place 2 years after the events of the main story. The trailer shows some surprising events taking place. The Eluvians are open, the Qunari are now a threat, and there is the long awaited return of a lost main character.

The trailer is embedded above, but be warned, it contains spoilers involved with this DLC. It is only able to be played after the main storyline is completed. Players that haven’t completed the main quest may want to shy away from this article.

So for the players who have finished the game, there seems to be some strange things to come in this final expansion. First of all, the Qunari are a main threat, but if a player has chosen to complete Iron Bull’s quest line, the Inquisitor may gain alliance with the Qunari and keep Iron Bull with them, rather than abandoning the Qun. Which poses the question, will Bull return to the Inquisitor’s side if he stayed on the path of the Qun?

Another surprising thing to be shown is the mark has started harming the Inquisitor again. So what is causing the mark to react and harm them once more? And by far the most interesting has to be the Eluvians opening again. With the return of Solas, it may be a safe bet to assume he has something to do with that. Which raises the most important question of all, if the Eluvians are open, will Merrill return (assuming you aided her in completing her Eluvian in Dragon Age 2)? These are some series changing events happening all in one DLC.

This final addition looks to provide a lot of new content. It has the potential to add a lot of new locations due to the ease of travel through Eluvians. And with all that is going on, it could add a lot of playtime to a game that already can take upwards of a hundred hours per character. The Trespasser will be released on September 8 and is sure to be a huge hit.