Pixel C is a whole new class of Android tablet The first tablet designed and made fully by Google

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Google has announced the new Pixel C Android tablet into their lineup.  Set to come out “in time for the holidays” according to Pixel Project Manager, Andrew Bowers. He then discussed the versatility of the device.

The main focus: a detachable keyboard, that can quickly, and admittedly quite slickly move from its position underneath the screen, tilting into a full keyboard setup. Full-ish is more accurate. Pixel has moved a few uncommonly used keyboard symbols to the tablet screen. This frees up space and keeps the board fingertip friendly. The set-up uses magnets to stay together, Bower at one point in the demo, even flipped the tablet and keyboard over together, holding on with only a tiny grip below the space bar. The magnets certainly held, and the tablet seemed stable and unwavering.

The Pixel C seems to also be addressing its other limited space issues, even using a USB Type C, making only one port control power, data, and display. As Android heads more into using USB Type C, this setup may fully catch on.

It’s been built to use with the Android 6.0, or Marshmallow, rather than the Google Chrome’s OS. As for specs, the NVIDIA X1 quad-core processor, “desktop class” Maxwell GPU, and 3GB of RAM offer some crazy attention to graphics: Bowers noted that “You’ll see that games really shine.”

Via Pixel.Google.com

Shot of the Pixel C Android tablet detached from its keyboard.

The keyboard does run on batteries; however, you have no need to charge them. Just a few minutes a day, where you fold down your keyboard and it charges itself. It seems very user-modelled, Bowers stated that the keyboard battery, even without being closed could last up to two months.

The tablet also contains four microphones. As well as stereo speakers on both sides of the screen. Wouldn’t it be nice to truly multitask while on a call? Even on the other side of the room your voice is being picked up. My dream.

As for the rest of the Pixel C’s battery life—we’re told it’s good, but no specifics have been released.

The tablet is also suaver than previous Pixel Chromebook. An all metal inclosure, no-visible-screw seaming, and a modern edge that the Microsoft Surface just doesn’t have. The premium design may even give Apple a run for its money.

For those of you grabbing your wallets, prices start from $499 for the tablet, and the keyboard is $149. With such great gaming, and easy to access work capabilities the new Pixel C seems to be a wonderful marriage between two devices and yet another great way to get distracted while writing your next big work report.

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