Google returns to a smaller smartphone with the Nexus 5X Android maker partners with LG once again

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It’s been two years since LG launched the Nexus 5, a smartphone that received rave reviews worldwide. With the much larger Nexus 6 being the supposed ‘next step’, users were left feeling wanting. Well now those desires are a thing of the past as Google and LG have now just announced the Nexus 5X.

Being one of two new smartphones releasing with Google’s new operating system, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the Nexus 5X stands at 5.2 inches with a Qualcomm hexa-core Snapdragon 808 CPU. It also comes with 2GB of RAM and a 12.3 MP camera capable of capturing video in 4K. The best part is the price, starting at only $379. The phone also comes with an additional $50 Google Play credit when pre-ordered through the Google Store.

The most exciting part of LG’s new prospect, because it’s made in conjunction with Google and a part of the Nexus program, it will be among the first to get new software. Not only that, it also works with Google’s new Project Fi wireless service, previously only available on the Nexus 6, combining Wi-Fi and cellular signals from multiple carriers so that your phone is never without a data connection.

Screen capture from Google September Event 2015 on YouTube

Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Google, presenting the Nexus 5X.

Among the more lavish features of the phone are things like the new Nexus Imprint, a quicker and more secure fingerprint sensor located on the back of your device, naturally set to the way you hold it. With one touch you can unlock your screen and access your apps more easily, and, Nexus Imprint gets smarter every time you use it by adjusting for margins of error.

Overall, the Nexus 5X looks like it will hold its own with the flagship phones of its generation. It will also boast an incredible low price and versatility in the field. Set to release in late October through the Google Store, it’s easy to see that this phone can easily gain the traction of its predecessor.


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