Pokémon Photo Booth app released Game themed photo editing app released for IOS

The Pokémon Company released a new app called Pokémon Photo Booth on Wednesday. The app allows users to apply Pokémon themed filters to their photos and share them. Currently the app is only available on IOS and will be coming to Android “soon.”

Pokémon 8 bit One section allows users to add captions, in the style of classic Pokémon games, to their photos. Filters can also be added to the photos with one more unique one which pixelates the photo so it looks more like an 8-bit game. There are six classic Pokémon sayings to choose from with blanks left for the user to customize it.

Fair warning there is a profanity filter to stop anyone from putting anything not kid friendly in the blanks but it tends to be very sensitive about what words are not allowed. Blocked words even include simple ones dog, kiss, donkey, and geek. There are some names that are blocked too, such as Addy and Ashlee, that are being marked as profanity, causing negative reviews on iTunes.

Pokémon profile Another part of the app is labeled “profile pic.” It has a set filter of a Pokéball over the user’s photo. It also allows for captions to be added. The user can pick from 6  Pokémon themed phrases but these captions do not allow for any editing to be done.
The Pokémon Company is encouraging fans to post the photos from the app all over social media with the hashtag
#Pokémon20. This is the official hashtag for the 20th anniversary celebration on Saturday, which the company dubbed Pokémon 20Pokémon Day.” There are many events planned to celebrate the occasion, which can be found of the Pokémon website. It is also speculated that new Pokémon games will be announced as part of this. This is further supported by the fact that there are recently filed trademarks for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon which definitely sound like new games.

The Pokémon website contains additional information on the anniversary, other Pokémon products, and to download Pokémon Photo Booth.

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