Justice League casts Commissioner Gordon Former Marvel Actor JK Simmons joins DC Property

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Actor JK Simmons has been cast in the role of Commissioner Gordon. He will play the role in Warner Bros.’s upcoming Justice League movie. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of Simmons’s casting on Monday. It is unknown how large a role Simmons will play in the films. It is also unknown if he will be portraying the role in any other DC media, such as any potential new Batman properties.

Simmons won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Whiplash. Simmons previously portrayed the Daily Bugle Editor-in-Chief, J. Jonah Jameson, in the original Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man trilogy. He also voices the character in other formats, including Ultimate Spider-Man and Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Simmons has previously been involved in DC Animated Universe, voicing characters on the animated Justice League.

Simmons is one of few actors to appear in both DC and Marvel properties. Other actors who have been in both franchises include Ryan Reynolds, who played Hal Jordan in Green Lantern plus his current role as Deadpool, which he also played in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Another actor who can be seen in both media franchises is the current Batman, Ben Affleck, who previously portrayed Matt Murdock in 2003’s Daredevil.

In the Batman mythos, James Gordon is the Police Commissioner of Gotham City and is often an ally of Batman. Gordon is also the father of Barbara Gordon, who joins Batman’s crusade as Batgirl and eventually assumes the mantle of Oracle.

Gordon is often featured in adaptations. The role was most recently played by Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. Actor Ben McKenzie currently plays a younger version of the character on Fox’s prequel television series Gotham.

Justice League will begin filming this April. It will be released in two parts. Part 1 of the films is set to premiere on November 17, 2017. Part 2 is set for a June 14, 2019.

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