Oculus Social goes live New update for Gear VR could change the face of virtual reality systems.


Oculus Social, a new update date adding social functions to the Samsung Gear VR, went live on March 9.

In a statement released by Oculus, the developers claimed that beginning March 10th, Samsung Gear VR users will be able to to create profiles and easily connect with friends to experience games, videos, and more in virtual reality.

The update  added multiplayer games including Social Trivia, which lets friends compete in VR trivia games. As well as Herobound: Gladiators. This new game is a co-op adventure game where users communicate in real time to battle enemies within a VR arena.

After these two games the company is opening up the gates for more from outside companies. In their blog post they stated “later this month, we’ll release new tools for developers that make it even easier to create more incredible social VR games and apps.”

The new update has capabilities beyond gaming. Oculus Social takes the user directly into the world of video. Users with Gear VR are now able to set up viewing rooms with their friends where they can stream Twitch and Vimeo where they can fully immerse themselves in the experience. The company has also promised that within the next week, users will be able to connect their Facebook accounts.

Connecting a Facebook account will give users access to a personalized stream of 360 video based on their likes and people they follow. Oculus also stated that “In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to like and share your favorite Facebook 360 videos from within VR.”

With the release of the Oculus Rift, their virtual reality gaming headset, only few weeks away, Oculus Social is a big move by the company. Blending social networking, video, and gaming all into one platform may be the future for the world of virtual reality.


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