Tom Clancy’s The Division Underground DLC released Arrives along with patch 1.3

Source: The Division Underground Trailer

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Underground downloadable content and the free 1.3 patch are now available for Xbox One and PC.

Underground will allow players to traverse randomly generated dungeons underneath New York. Underground is the first of three planned expansions for The Division. New enemies, gear, and weapons are among several changes that come with the Underground DLC. Update 1.3 is also available for The Division and features several bug fixes.

Players can make the game more challenging by taking on Directives while in the Underground. Four Directives can be mixed and matched to alter gameplay. Two of the Directives include Fog of War and Waste It Or Not. In the Fog of War Directive, indications and radar are removed. Waste It Or Not makes it so that after reloading, all ammo is lost and enemies do not drop ammo.

The brand new Incursion titled Dragon’s Nest is included in the DLC. To access this Incursion, the player must not only be at level 30 but also complete the “General Assembly” mission. A group of Heavy Cleaners known as the Four Horsemen can be found while engaging the Dragon’s Nest Incursion. These more challenging Cleaners can be found on the west side of Manhattan after defeating a barrage of lower level Cleaners.

Source: The Division Underground Trailer

Heavy Cleaners known as The Four Horsemen from The Division Underground DLC

New gear and weapons are available in the DLC as well. Gear sets include B.L.I.N.D., which features an improved Pulse as well as flashbangs. DeadEYE, FireCrest, and Reclaimer are three other new sets of gear available. Despite it already being implemented in the game, a weapon called the B.L.I.N.D. System MDR Rifle will not be available until a future update.

The Division 1.3 update features approximately 50 bug fixes, according to the patch notes. One such prominent bug fix dealt with the moon in the game being upside down. The update also fixed a bug where players could make their Ballistic Shield invincible after opening and closing their inventory.

While Xbox One and PC players were able to receive the update and DLC today, PlayStation 4 owners will have to wait until August 2.


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