Windows 10 dominates in Steam’s June survey Monthly hardware and software data points to a few trends

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The results of the Steam Hardware and Software survey for June 2016 led to a few points of interest, including an even higher rate of adoption for Windows 10.

Windows 10 solidified its lead as the top operating system among Steam users, with 44.46% of all computers surveyed. This was a growth of over 3.5% from the previous month and was also the only version of Windows to see any growth within the period. Meanwhile, Windows 7 trails behind with almost 39%, with Steam OS notably absent from the list.

While virtual reality headsets have not yet reached mass market adoption, this isn’t stopping Valve from evaluating VR’s current state. Currently the HTC Vive, which is Valve’s official VR partner device, leads with 66% of VR use (and .15% of total Steam users). Oculus Rift, the Vive’s major competitor, took 27.75% of VR use and .06% of users.

While there is a great deal of graphics card models on the market, one has remained in the top spot over the past four months. Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 970 received a bit of a boost to reach 7.35% of the all DirectX 12 compatible models.

Meanwhile, non-DirectX 12 compatible cards are dominated by Intel’s integrated graphics series. DirectX 11 has the Intel HD Graphics 4000 as its lead with almost 28% of that category. On DirectX 10, the HD Graphics 3000 model owns 18.45%. The oldest measured is DirectX 9, specifically with shader model 2.0. In that category, the Intel G33/G31 Express card leads with 38.85%.

The data released also included Steam language choices. 45% of those surveyed use English, followed by Russian at a distant second of 16.32%.

There was also many smaller discoveries within the data including:

  • 69% have unspecified network speeds, but 23% are above 10 Mbps download.
  • 52% have hard drives over 749GB in size.
  • 54% have less than 10GB free space on their hard drives.
  • A vast majority have a microphone attached (65.21%)
  • 76% of users have dual core CPUs.

Valve did not respond to our request of how many computers were surveyed for the June 2016 survey. However, their data does give insight into the current state of PC gaming.

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Screen capture of the main results for the Steam Hardware and Software Survey in June 2016.

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