Xbox Avatars to receive wheelchair option Microsoft surprised users making the request

Xbox One Avatars

“No petition needed, we hear you.”

That was what Phil Spenser, Head of Xbox at Microsoft tweeting to folks asking if the custom Avatar characters on Xbox would ever receive wheelchairs.

While Avatars have received a number of free and paid accessories over the years, there has not been an option for users in wheelchairs to completely recreate their own likeness.

Spenser responded to assure them that the idea had already been discussed. “That is something that we’ve already looked at,” his tweet read, “not far off.”

Soon after, Program Management Director Mike Ybarra also joined the conversation. He offered a sneak peak of a prototype design for the wheelchair possibilities. This included a sporty wheelchair featuring the traditional black and green Xbox colors, as well as a small Xbox logo flag connected to the back.

The wheelchair was not the only change in the showcased design. The Avatars in the new picture featured more advanced facial features and detailed clothing compared to the current design.

Neither Spenser nor Ybarra mentioned when all of this will become available. “We’re not revealing availability dates for new avatars at this time,” said a Microsoft spokesperson to our request for clarification. With the Xbox One Anniversary Update releasing so soon on August 2, it seems unlikely that the Avatar changes will be included alongside it.

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